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Maison hôtelière Square Victoria

Square Victoria is a fully renovated ancestral hotel house (maison hôtelière) offering a unique self-contained accommodation concept in the Haut-Saint-François region.

Located in the heart of the city of East Angus and six kilometres from Sherbrooke airport, this cosy cottage will charm you with its Boho chic style décor! The “Square Victoria Maison Hôtelière” has the priority to offer you a high quality accommodation, comfortable, warm and safe.

A unique experience awaits you in each of the eight units available for you.

• one apartment with a closed bedroom and a private balcony
• two suites with a balcony and a furnished terrace • seven rooms
• a living room with a fireplace in the common area
• a dining area in the common area
• heated, ventilated and secured lockers for sports equipment of all kinds for snowmobilers, all-terrain vehicles users, cyclists etc...


A bit of history ... What is the Square Victoria? Did you know that the green space just in front of the East Angus post office is called Square Victoria?

This green area has long been a significant place for the city's residents as it pays tribute to veterans who lost their lives between 1914 and 1918 at war. While once a cannon was exposed there as a war trophy, today a commemorative monument orns the place in honor of these brave men. Square Victoria was once crossed by a stream!

This stream was rerouted under buried pipelines to allow the construction of a municipal post office at the north end of the land.

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